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Should a company issue Debt or Equity?

What Is Debt Capital?

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What Is Equity Capital?

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What is equity financing?
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Unlike debt financing, equity financing involves raising capital through selling shares within the business. “Equity financing essentially refers to the sales of an ownership interest to raise funds for business purposes” (Investopedia, , p. 1).

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There has always been a debate over the equity and debt financing for capital structure and it still continues (Becker & Stromberg, ). The increasing importance of debt financing in modern era of business has encouraged for the study of debt financing, which will be discussed in this paper.

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Debt Versus Equity Financing Paper Chaz McNeil ACC October 9, Dr. Running head: DEBT VERSUS EQUITY FINANCING PAPER 1 DEBT VERSUS EQUITY FINANCING PAPER 4 Debt versus Equity Financing Paper In the accounting industry, financing remains an important concept, as many organizations are reliant on them for financial stability and longevity. Debt vs. Equity Financing: What's the Best Choice for Your Business? Pros and cons of equity financing. Unlike debt financing, equity financing is a lot harder to come by for most businesses.

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Equity Financing Unlike debt funding. equity financing involves raising capital through selling portions within the concern. “Equity financing basically refers to the gross revenues of an ownership involvement to raise financess for concern purposes” (Investopedia. p. 1). Since equity financing is a greater risk to the investor than debt financing is to the lender, the cost of equity is often higher than the cost of debt. How to Choose Between Debt and Equity The amount of money that is required to obtain capital from different sources, called cost of capital, is crucial in determining a company's optimal capital structure.