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Changes to Korean personal goods declarations

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❶Officials have raided five locations including Cho's home and Korean Air's baggage handling office at Incheon International Airport. Reportedly, the process can also be used in shipping, courier and e-commerce companies.

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[email protected] This email address ([email protected]) is an Official Contact Point for WTO ONLY. If you have any questions to Korea Customs Service, please contact us by using the Q&A Menu on our website.

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The Korea Customs Service (Hangul: 관세청; Hanja: 關稅廳, KCS) is one of a tax organizations in South Korea and is run under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. The headquarters are in Seo District, .

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[Korea Customs Service FTA Portal System Patent No. (25 June )] Information provided on the FTA Portal is for reference only as they are not legally binding. For more accurate information, please refer to the provisions of Free Trade Agreements. • Customs Valuation & Classification Institute Customs Valuation Division o - TEL: o - FAX: Classification Division o - TEL: o - FAX: For more (or updated) information check out the Korea Customs Service English website.

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It is expected that customs service will become more transparent." Several companies, such as Matrix Tobi Co. Ltd., Nomad Connection Co. Ltd., and CJ Korea Express Co. Ltd., are participating in the pilot program, which will be operated by the KCS in several Malltail . [감동영상]취업준비중인 고등학생을 위한 감동 영상이야기/Hidden touching story (Korea customs service) - Duration: 5 minutes, 9 seconds.