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Junior-Senior Prom 2015 Essay Sample
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The performances ended, the MC announced that it was time to dance with your partner and a slow melody of Waltz began to play. Subconsciously, I gave my hand and he held it.

I could feel my heart beat fast and strong, there was a strange feeling run through all my cells. While I was still confused to recollect the first steps, he softly pushed me back, drew me close and turned me around along the song. I was too astonished to say a word. Someone must have taught him well to beguile and to entrance. Under the mask were his gentle eyes looking straight into mine. I wondered if I had ever noticed that this close friend had such beautiful eyes. I kept silent, moved to his dance and shyly glanced at him.

When the songs ended, I asked: No sooner had I stopped my words when a strange girl came towards us, she invited KD to dance with her in a Salsa song. He accepted and disappeared with that girl in the crowd, leaving me behind. Everybody was dancing excitedly together to the fast rhythm of Salsa while I was standing still, trying to catch sight of my partner. He makes every move so natural! Suddenly I felt jealous with that stranger.

While I was lost in endless thoughts and questions, a boy run towards and accidentally hit me. Immediately, I fell onto the ground, some girls shouted.

A few second later, I saw many people gathering around me, some asked if I was alright, some was angry with me because I had just interrupted their dance. Then, somebody was calling my name. That was a boy with a warm voice. I like your idea on how the cost on prom should be reduced by holding it in the school gym, renting outfits But I don't understand how you could assume that underclassmen would sponsor the prom if they could not attend.

As an underclassman myself, I do NOT want to pay for a prom i can't attend, let alone care about. Held at the high school and decorations were made by a committee of us.

Back In The Day there was no such talk of a limo and my date drove me in the nicer of his family's car to a dinner put together by classmates at one's house; fine with me. That's considered a prom? Wow, soooo glad not to be there. All that matters is that in the end, I had a ton of fun. Your opinion is well written and you provide a good argument. This article makes me want to write my own article about the cost of prom. Prom is a fashion beauty contest what the heck do you think prom court voting is about.

The whole this is deeper than a big party it is a socialogical and cultural rite of passage. Um, the prom is paid for by the tickets that are sold. No matter how many budget cuts there are.

Logos not pathos said That has to be the most selfish, Jealous thing I've ever heard. Thou shall not covet. You want what he has get a job, save up and buy one. Just because he is enjoying the things that life has given him doesn't mean you have to pout that everyone else has nicer things.

That is the american dream, It's a horrible thing to say well don't enjoy life because I'm not as well off. Make yourself well off. My family had NOTHING absolutely broke, both of my parents put themselves through college got there masters my mother became a legal editor and my father started his own company which he sold and retired at 48 for 6.

I'm black do you have any idea how hard it is for a black person let alone their entire family to get this far. The american dream doesn't have to be a dream it can be a reality if you are willing to work for it just like every other living creature on earth has to make a living.

What is your guys problems. My prom is 75 dollars and It's going to be amazing. Instead of griping about the expense and saying they should tone it done and make it less enjoyable so you can go do what I did talk to the prom coordinators to see about either a payment plan or work in trade for a ticket. I don't know, try growing one, I hear flowers do that now a days.

Need a ride, carpool with friends. HMMM on average the prom I just described only cost 30 bucks. Instead of whining be resourceful!!!! My brain just literally opened up my skull and ran away. I literally told Teacher Phil and Shiell I was lost for words! My friends said my answer was okay, but the thought was lacking. They both deserved it because they both did not only look stunning that night but they also had comprehensive answers, and I admire both of them for that. They were able to do that despite the fact that it was ALSO their first time.

Everybody was really enjoying with all the dancing and singing, I even saw Teacher Phil and Teacher Kath break dance in front of all of us! I believe this will go with us throughout our years and we will reminisce these times someday. I want to thank my teachers and classmates for making this event possible and memorable too! I could never replace these moments for anything because the people around me that night won a very special place in my heart.

This is just the beginning. In order to become a qualified ICT teacher I will need to undergo a series of training in order to increase my knowledge and skills and to gain more experience. Having training would benefit me when applying for the role of an ICT teacher as employers would want someone with training. There are 2 types of training: This film showed me how important education is. The film shows the reality of many children really wanting to go to school but never had the chance to study.

The film gave me a sense of privilege for being able to go to school without much hardship. This just shows how lucky I am to have been sent to school by my parents; to No nation develops beyond the quality of its education system, which is highly dependent on the quality of its teachers.

Teachers should be given the most appropriate tools during and after their training, including content knowledge and skills as well as teaching methodology to be able to do their work professionally. As our classrooms become increasingly diverse, it appears other components in our classroom are increasing as well.

One of those components that appear to be increasing is that of bullying. Rather it is currently be in your classroom, has been in your classroom or unfortunately will be in your classroom one day, all teachers must be prepared as much as possible to handle the situation

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Prom Night essaysIt was the night of the Freeport High School's Junior/Senior Prom. The dance ended around eleven o'clock pm, and then everyone went to the post prom. The quarterback of the football team and his date decide to go and by some alcohol for them to have after the post prom. Th.

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Free prom papers, essays, and research papers. The Venue of Prom - The Venue of Prom Dear Sir, I have been looking closely at the proposed plans for the year eleven prom.

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My prom paper could be organized this way too; I might begin with the point of expenses for the prom in first paragraph, then continue with the results of the prom expanses in second paragraph and conclude with solution -- /5(3). As prom approaches, half the school’s population goes nuts. The fact that there is even an ESSAY over saving our money cuz we splurge one good time on what could be our greatest high school.

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Essay on prom - Teenagers today are spending more and more money on the extravagance of prom. The article by Jeffery Shaffer claims that high school proms have become an “exercise in the celebration of extravagance and indulgence.” In this article negative ideas and, inappropriate messages are conveyed to teens. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now!