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14 Mini Essays That Prove the Meaning of Love in 100 Words or Less

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Discussion An indication of the author's view on marriage can be ascertained through the description of the view from the open window in Louise's bedroom. Even though she has just been…… [Read More]. Coming of Age Stories Explorations of Components. Coming of Age Stories: Explorations of Components of the Narrative In literature, one of the most frequently dealt with theme is the story of one character's developing over time and reacting to the various experiences that he or she faces through the course of the narrative.

This type of tale, called a coming of age story, follows the characters from the point at the beginning of the story all the way up to the end of the tale when all of the events end. Throughout each part of the story, the character will have to go through changes in some way because of the experiences that are had through the plot and through the depictions of the other characters.

What is paramount in the telling of a coming of age story is that as a character ages and develops chronologically, that character must develop in an equal percentage emotionally and…… [Read More]. Sometimes setting a backdrop, plays a greater role a story. Choose story setting plays important role, make a claim role thesis, explain conclusion. The fact that the story is set in the nineteenth century in a society that is inclined to discriminate women makes it possible for readers to understand why the protagonist puts across particular attitudes.

I am exploring the question regarding how people in the late nineteenth century were influenced to adopt discriminatory attitudes toward women. Society generally promoted patriarchal thinking during the period and it was thus difficult and almost impossible for many women to feel free. This essay enabled me to understand how Chopin wanted to raise public awareness through her short story.

The structure short story shuld include 1 Exposition 2 Complication 3 climax 4 Resoluttion on article Exposition, complication, climax stated, I continue short story explanation words resolution. You're probably everything a normal man would wish for. But I'm not normal and I am not worthy of your love, my beautiful.

She was anxious about finding out what was wrong, but it was also as if she wanted to turn back time or wake up from a nightmare, as she kept repeating to herself inside her head "This is not happening, I must be dreaming and if I pinch myself everything will go away. This is the most important person in my life and he would not do something that…… [Read More]. Old Nurse's Story by Elizabeth Gaskell. Online critics claim the story is filled with themes of "male domination, females' sense of powerlessness due to this dominance, and the ambiguous results of women's struggle against males in the Victorian era," "The Damning Effects of a Patriarchal Society in "The Old Nurse's Story" and "The Yellow Wallpaper".

Indeed, these three core elements are absolutely evident in this haunting tale about rediscovering personal identity via encounters with the past. The motif of haunting allows the past to return to the present in eerie ways.

Relying on ghosts allows the author to present the suggestion that the past haunts the lives of all individuals, and that women have trouble extricating themselves from negative situations because of the constraints of dead social institutions and norms. However, Hughes and…… [Read More]. Bernard of Clairvauxs on Love For anyone wanting to learn about the simple and complex realities On Loving God, the early writings by Bernard of Clairvauxs present a great place to start.

His assessment is written in old style but is pretty easy to understand and relate to. It's encouraging too that he writes with humbleness about the kinds of difficult questions of what love is and whether or not he is the best one to provide answers. The following quote is an example of the way the writer Halsall, no date of editing or reformatting summarized this sense of honesty, Yet I am glad that you turn again for spiritual counsel, instead of busying yourself about carnal matters: I only wish you had gone to someone better equipped than I am.

Still, learned and simple give the same excuse and one can hardly tell whether it comes from modesty…… [Read More]. Edgar Allen Poes story "The Cask Amontillado" You write, setting, theme story, point veiw, plt, language signifagace story. Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" - analysis Edgar Allen Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado" puts across an account involving a vindictive character who tries to reinforce his self-esteem by luring the person he considers his enemy into a situation that would do him justice.

It is difficult to determine whether the aggressor actually has the reasons to punish his enemy or if he is simply insane and uses an unspecified event as a motive to go through with committing his crime. However, his insanity is controversial when considering the complex nature of the plot and the obvious feeling of satisfaction that the protagonist experiences as he acknowledges that his…… [Read More].

Cinderella Transformation Stories Variants on the. Many of these versions have been told for centuries. The story has universal appeal because of specific elements that are part of human nature. It is a story in which good triumphs over evil. It is a story that shows that dreams really can come true. Those are ideas that transcend generations and cultures. Almost anyone can imagine himself or herself in circumstances such as Cinderella's: The good person eventually triumphs and gets her reward, while the evil-doers also get what they deserve.

Few people get the kind of vindication in real life that…… [Read More]. Kate Chopin Short Stories Kate. Mallard locks herself in her room and looks to nature for consolation, a situation that seems to dissolve the tension that she was subjected to, and Mrs.

Sommers goes on a shopping and fun spree that ends up in the movie theatre. Finally at the end of the three stories there seems to be a successfully resolved situation for the tension that was, Calixta seems at peace with the family and she even does not quarrel the husband as was the norm and the husband expected it , Mrs. Mallard though dies, she dies a happy woman of 'the joy that kills' and Mrs.

Sommers seems satisfied with her day out where she had maximum fun and bought all she wanted Jennifer Heeden, References Esther Lombardi, Retrieved December 30, from http: Kate Chopin's short stories "The Storm" and "The Story of an Hour" both offer messages of hope for women trapped in patriarchal relationships. The two short stories are framed with a feminist social commentary, while offering completely different perspectives on the ways women can achieve self-determination within the dominant culture.

The two main characters of "The Storm" and "The Story of an Hour" are married; but their relationships are noticeably different. Calixta in "The Storm" is young, a new mother, and described in terms of her supple good looks and "vivacity," Sec. Mallard, on the other hand, is a more mature woman than Calixta in terms of her years. Their age differences are paralleled by different social norms that are explored and explained in the two short stories.

Moreover, Calixta's youth makes it apt that her character discovers self-liberation through sex; whereas Mrs. Mallard's liberation is achieved via…… [Read More]. Raymond Carver's Short Story The. Ethos is emphasized by presenting Aylmer as a successful scientist who abandoned his career in order to stay with his wife. Pathos emerges at the time when Aylmer is unable to sleep at night thinking that his wife is almost perfect and that he could actually make her perfect by putting his experience to use.

Logos takes place when Aylmer performs a series of successful tests and actually goes as far as to demonstrate the potion's success by using it to resurrect a plant. The central character is blinded by his exaggerated self-appreciation and he fails to observe the risks that he puts his wife to as a result. His obsession with perfection is responsible for making him unable to distinguish between right and wrong.

Langston Hughes attempts to speak directly to his readers in "Theme for English B. I love all of you. You might think I'm joking, but I do, I love you. Those three little words are really not that difficult to say, even in front of an audience.

There is a problem in our busy modern lives. We are so distracted with all the trappings of modernity -- School, Work, FaceBook, Email, Texting, Reality Shows, and so on that we forget some of the more important aspects of life. This includes forming strong and meaningful relationships and if you are lucky enough to have such a relationship in your life, you should stop taking it for granted and you should stop right now.

Imagine a world without love. Imagine your own personal life without love. It would be a cold and bleak existence. Imagine you had no one to call when…… [Read More]. Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine. Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. Specifically, it will make a claim about the connection between food and conflict in the novel, then support the claim with evidence from the book and personal analysis and interpretation.

Food is a very important element in "Love Medicine," and much of the food references in the novel also revolve around conflict, which is a central theme in the novel.

Food and conflict often go hand in "real" life, and the characters in the novel rely on food when times get tough. The novel opens with June, and an image of colored Easter eggs in a bar. They represent June's conflict within herself, and her pull toward home, but a home that holds nothing for her. She is hungry…… [Read More]. Genesis 28 and 35 Story of Jacob. Jacob Gen 28; Gen 35; Someone could ask if it is possible for man to secure the blessings of God solely through their own efforts; or perhaps, if a believer has to cling to God, and completely lean on Him in order to receive His blessings.

More often than not, believers find themselves in situations whereby they are forced to fight the temptation to rely on their own 'guts' regarding temporal things, and to God when their own attempts fail. The scripture brings out plentiful illustrations of this. One of the most significant instances is documented in Genesis 32 where Jacob wrestles with God in an attempt to ensure the security of his blessings. The Book of Genesis is surrounded by a great deal of conflict, with most people arguing that the text is complicated, and that the book comes out as if it was woven out of…… [Read More].

She loved that sallow explorer. If she could have talked and had told him that she loved him, he would have been puffed up with vanity. Looking closely at the first quotation where the lady felt such perverse tenderness for the smallest of the African women claiming that an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.

She was upset all day, almost as if she were missing something. Here, the woman seemed to have been concerned about the vulnerability of the Little Flower. Her words points at the need for companionship for the Little Flower, and…… [Read More]. Mammon Archer for Love and Money. Mammon Archer For Love and Money: The Ambiguity of Agency and Morality in O. Henry, was a prolific author of short stories, and especially so when the brief span of his writing career is considered.

The brevity of this career and the impetus for its undertaking allow for highly informative readings of O.

Henry's short stories, though they do not necessarily make these stories any more conclusive in their statements on morality. Henry short story in several regards: With an adult life that included a constant search for jobs and a stint in prison as well as…… [Read More].

True Love the Existence of True Love. True Love The existence of true love has been a debate among writers, authors, and philanthropists for years.

There are many things in this world that we as people share together, but nothing else can bare, mend, or even heal like love. Every place we go and everything we see has in some point in time been touched by some form of love. It is through stories and poems that we indeed do find the existence of true love.

I believe that stories and poems provide us with the necessary evidence to prove that true love does exist and we will analyze these poems and stories in the following work to indeed provide evidence of its existence.

We find that true love does exist and it is real, when we analyze the writings of those who are most known for acknowledging it. In our world today, society explains love as…… [Read More]. Dubliners Love in Dublin A. Duffy finds romance -- love, even -- but he is too unaware to realize what this could mean for him and for the woman he realizes he loves too late. Duffy and this would-be lover are isolated, caught in their own middle-aged loneliness through what are essentially a series of cowardly choices, while Araby's hero is somewhat brave if ultimately ineffective Corrington, The differences between these two protagonists and the stories themselves are made more interesting by the many similarities they share.

Both characters end up regretting the decisions they made regarding love and romance, and end up feeling their loneliness and isolation more sharply than they had before. Despite their difference in ages and situations, both characters also end with little seeming hope of correcting their mistakes and finding true love.

In fact, it is suggested in both stories that there is no really way…… [Read More]. Dee in the Story and. In conclusion, by the end of this short story, the mother narrator has a far greater understanding and appreciation of her daughters.

She has become closer to Maggie and learned to see Dee for what she really is - a patronizing snob who is embarrassed about her roots. Dee ignores her heritage and creates a new environment for herself, including her name, because she is ashamed of her family home.

She does not understand that one of the most significant things in life is family and the love and acceptance of that family. The story is written about two sisters, but it is really about the acceptance and love of a good family, and what Dee is losing because she cannot acknowledge that love. Critical Essays on Alice Walker. Ethan Frome the Story of Ethan Frome. Ethan Frome The story of Ethan Frome is about a man in a small rural town at the turn of the twentieth century.

At this time in American history, society was heavily structured and the things which were considered either morally acceptable or completely inappropriate were definite and there were serious repercussions for those who behaved in ways which were counter to society's order. Consequently, the pressure placed on people to behave according to the moral code was great and few were brave enough to contradict them.

In Edith Wharton's novel the title character feels torn between what he knows to be right according to his society which would be remaining a faithful and devoted husband, and what he most wants out of life which is passion and romantic love. He is unable to breach the social contract of a time when there were very few divorces and any impropriety…… [Read More].

Person Love's Voices to Truly Appreciate the. Love's Voices To truly appreciate the value in a novel as diverse and as rare as Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine, one must attempt to identify the author's intention in composing such a work. By virtually any account, the undertaking of this novel is a fairly ambitious one in which Erdrich portrays the connections between the lives of family members and generations over a year time period, beginning in and finishing, in somewhat Orwellian fashion, in When an author is dealing with the disparate and unified lives of at least seven characters depending on which version of the book is read with a myriad amount of stories that all connect at varying points in the history of the lives of the characters, utilizing a multiplicity of narrators becomes, on a basic level, a fairly essential technique.

The primary purpose of utilizing a variety of narrators however, is similar…… [Read More]. Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories. Their marriage and mutual love of animals makes this a situation that bespeaks long lasting happiness. One of the family pet is a black cat that is fairly large and the man's favorite.

This cat is well liked, and unlike the disposition of cats that is aloof and independent, this cat follows his master wherever he goes, even out doors.

The wife based on some superstitions has her misgivings about the cat, Pluto, believing that all black cats are actually witches in disguise. Disabused of this notion by her husband and with her general love for all animals, she immediately puts aside her fears. It is possible that Poe here hints at his own alcoholism and indirectly blames it on witchcraft that comes from the black cat, though the role of the cat is one of an innocent animal.

As the protagonist slowly sinks into alcoholism, he becomes ill tempered…… [Read More]. Hsia's Story Seventeenth-century China as depicted by C. T Hsia and in its works of fiction was a feudal, authoritarian society dominated by Confusion values of duty, honor, obedience and fidelity to parents, siblings and spouses.

At the same time, clearly there were many young men and women who defy this authoritarian, Confucian culture and express their desires for more personal freedom and happiness, although Hsia has overlooked the main reason for this.

Opposition to the old feudal order already existed in the cities and towns by the 17th Century, at least among the younger members of the merchant and student middle classes. No matter that the lower classes hardly appear in the stories at all, except for mostly anonymous servants, laborers and peasants, the middle class young seem to be attempting their own Romeo and Juliet Revolution of the type that had begun in the West around the same time.

Raising other people's children is a strange profession, as Kathryn Stockett points out in The Help. Even if race were not a prevailing motif in the novel, domestic servitude raises poignant questions about the nature of labor and class relations in American society. However, The Help is about race, and therefore, the love that develops between nanny and child in Stockett's book becomes meaningful and multifaceted. The message of love is a conflicted one. Clearly, Aibileen loves Mae Mobley as if Mae were her child.

For Aibileen, Mae Mobley is a surrogate child who can fill the gaping hole in Aibileen's heart after the death of Treelore. The love of Aibileen for Treelore is qualitatively different, though. Aibileen knows that as Mae Mobley grows up, she is bound to be socialized into the white dominant…… [Read More].

Heartbeat Love Enduring Love in. The deep empathy exhibited by the characters at various turns is also embedded in the language of the novelist and becomes a part of the world of the reader, as well. Soft yet detailed descriptions of artifacts and emotions change the way the reader thinks, and bring about the knowledge that love requires shared understanding -- which is not the only thing that those in love share. Beyond a shared understanding, an enduring love is built on a shared need for one another, and this is what truly drives the action of the novel.

Though Tin built a life and a family far away from Burma, his enduring love for his youthful sweetheart draws him back to Burma in his autumn years. His need for her is so strong that he sacrifices everything he has built, even the daughter he loves, to search for the woman he left many decades…… [Read More]. Family ' Familial Love in Literature. Although O'Connor's story is evidently supposed to be humorous, it gives the reader pause to note that the family will die without ever exchanging a kind word.

There are different types of family violence: The carelessness and cruelty in the O'Connor story, which arises as a result of a lack of respect and the superficiality of the modern family. Family relationships do not necessarily create a state of understanding.

In the story, the most transcendent moment of grace occurs between two strangers, before one kills the other, as physical violence makes the grandmother appreciate her time on earth. James Joyce's Short Story The. She, too, would soon be a shade with the shade of Patrick Morkan and his horse," realizes Gabriel. He also realizes that his wife and he are not getting any younger -- he observes her face is not the face Michael Furey died to see.

Rather than regain his belief in the value of romance, Gabriel has a deeper revelation: He thought of how she who lay beside him had locked in her heart for so many years that image of her lover's eyes when he had told her that he did not wish to live. Generous tears filled Gabriel's eyes. He had never felt like that himself towards any woman,…… [Read More]. Rhetorical Analysis of the Story of an Hour. Kate Chopin, "The Story of an Hour" Kate Chopin's short story "The Story of An Hour" depicts a major event in a minimalist fashion -- most of the action of the tale takes place in the mind of the protagonist, Louise Mallard.

The story fits well with modern summaries of Chopin's achievement in longer fiction: In his survey of the nineteenth century American novel, Gregg Crane notes that in The Awakening "Chopin convincingly dramatizes how an unnameable and relatively faint discontent grows into a very…… [Read More]. Jamie A Literacy Story the. She came up with an idea of a reading discussion group where the purpose of the group would be to communicate and exchange meaning, not focus on someone else's questions.

The teacher let the students choose what books to discuss, and encouraged them to respond to pictures as well as words, and to return to the story as often as possible to simplify and clarify their ideas.

Through these discussion groups the children shared their interpretations and connections. Instead of "directing" the discussions, the teacher facilitated them, and let the children talk more.

These groups were a success in the classroom, and the groups met and discussed books on the regular basis throughout the story. Another turning point in the story is when Jamie becomes too sick to attend school for extended periods of time, because her body becomes very weakened.

At the end of the story she dies, peacefully,…… [Read More]. Persepolis Love of Country in Persepolis the. The work is detailed in its representation of the turmoil that was experienced by many people during the Islamic Revolution that took place from and effected women disproportionately. Iran before the Islamic Revolution was notably progressive, with women and men able to mix in professional and educational settings and women had a conservative choice about dress and professional and personal development, after the Islamic revolution the nation was in turmoil and though as many if not more women supported the Islamic Revolution many challenges were faced.

Some of these challenges are supported in Persepolis, such as the closing of Marjie's mixed gender secular school and the demand to wear the veil and for her to attend an all girls' school.

It is…… [Read More]. People in Love in Ibsen's a Doll's. Berkove makes a very interesting point. Mallard's self-assertion does end her life.

He argues that Louise Mallard is not a feminist heroine but "an immature egoist and a victim of her own extreme self-assertion" His theory is that Louise is not a woman to look up to as a feminist icon, but a monstrous figure. This article is useful in that most criticisms of both the Ibsen play and the Chopin story are from a feminist perspective.

His argument is the direct opposite. He believes that Mrs. Mallard is too weak to face the reality of her imagination. When there is a challenge to her newly-found sense of self, she collapses. Robert Graves lived from to , and was a novelist, poet as well as a translator of the English Language. Robert Graves has been a vivacious author, and has won acclaim as an author of the accounts of the First World War, in his book called 'Good bye to all that' republished in I hired a violinist to play our love song as we held each other for the first time in three decades.

After wishing to be with her all those years apart, we finally married. While I sat soaking in the fresh air after a two-week bout of bronchitis, he stood watching the waves roll in. He asked if he could sit next to me.

We people-watched and talked about which dog breed was our favorite. We watched the sunset together. We now return to that spot every year on our anniversary. My boyfriend had asked me to meet him at the beach. I grumbled as I made my way to the shore. For me and my wife, it was love at first sound. She called my apartment in a huff at 1: We ended up talking for two hours, learning a lot about each other, and falling in love.

Twenty-seven wonderful years later, her voice is still music to my ears! But over the years, our passion shape-shifted into smoldering resentment, periodically erupting into fiery altercations. Our two sons were in middle school when I moved us away from the inferno. We settled in my old hometown. My husband wrote me a letter filled with animosity for leaving. Then one day, everything changed. That day was September 11, Then I hear his car in the driveway. I was at a party with friends playing ping-pong.

I was 15; she was Her name was Joanne. We left the party and went to our hangout spot. I kissed her for the first time and saw fireworks. We married August 4, , and this November 26 will be the year anniversary of that first kiss. I still see fireworks!

I would be gone for two to three weeks, home one day, then gone again for several weeks. Upon returning home late one night, I knocked on our front door. I got her point and applied for a desk job the next day. Originally Published on sitename.

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Free Hamlet Essays - Hamlet as a Love Story - Hamlet as a Love Story The part of Hamlet that I would like to discuss is the love story theme. I think that it is very romantic how even in today's society we do not view the other aspects of Hamlet like revenge, delay, and madness but view Hamlet as a love story.

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Essay Hop Frog as a Love Story Words | 5 Pages. Hop Frog as a Love Story "Hop Frog", by Edgar Allan Poe, is a short story in which the title character, after enduring much abuse by the king, gets revenge in the end.

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I've never been lucky in love. i always predicted the end of every relationship I've been through, I expected every single word I've been told, every little fake emotion i . Dec 30,  · The story is written about two sisters, but it is really about the acceptance and love of a good family, and what Dee is losing because she cannot acknowledge that love. References Cowart, David.

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Feb 11,  · Love Story Essay Love: Love and Mate Selection. Love A description of love, the psychological theories and a few ways I have experienced them. The philosophy of love by the ancient Greek culture describes four different kinds of love. Agape represents love that is unconditional and selfless, as personified in commitment. Love Story essays Love story I have read, heard, seen and watched a lot of romantic love stories, but none of them is more impressive of American novelist Erich Segal. I cried twice while reading the novel. The first time was when Jenny replied "love means ne.