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Research paper on employee retention banking sector

❶There are also intangible costs associated with turnover, such as a drop in employee morale, poor service delivery, and lost customers. Speaker notes for a PowerPoint presentation address how employee morale is tied to leadership.

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Research papers on employee retention rate
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Bibliography lists 6 sources. A 3 page paper discussing training's influence on employee retention at Ritz-Carlton hotels and Pal's Sudden Service, a fast food chain in east Tennessee. Both companies have won the Baldrige Award for Quality; both have employee turnover rates at or below one-third of the average rates of their respective industries.

Not only did the companies greatly improve customer satisfaction, they also made themselves employers of choice and reduced total training costs by reducing turnover. This 4 page paper answers four questions asked by the student. The paper starts by looking at the way good and poor economic performance can impact on retention, the negative impacts of good and poor retention, the main causes or employee turnover and finally compares the internal and external drivers for turnover and retention.

The bibliography cites 2 sources. A 3 page paper that emphasizes the shortage of nurses and other health care professionals. The paper reviews an article about employee retention and comments on what needs to happen to reduce the turnover of nurses.

Bibliography lists 8 sources. A 6 page paper that includes these sections: This is a 5 page paper that provides an overview of employee empowerment and retention. Speaker notes for a PowerPoint presentation address how employee morale is tied to leadership. This is a 7 page paper that provides an overview of employee retention. The link between motivation and retention is explored.

A 10 page paper with three sections. The first topic is how to retain employees. Turnover data are reported and employee retention strategies and techniques are discussed. Compensation trends are reported.

The last section reports an employee discipline strategy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. This 3-page paper focuses on job satisfaction as it pertains to employee retention and happy employees. A 7 page research paper that, first of all, offers a hypothetical human relations HR crisis, in which an office manager has as problem with employee retention due to a tendency to micro-manage.

The solution to this problem is discussed, which is to empower employees. Bibliography lists 5 sources. This paper looks at health care management hiring and employee retention practices addressed via job satisfaction issues based in content external and process internal modeling.

This is a proposed case study designed for an NPO that includes a 1-page outline, introduction, background, analysis, and solution. Focus is on the issue of employee retention, so NPO organizational structure and management is a focus. Bibliography lists 2 sources. A 5 page paper discussing the types of information that the city of Porno Valley should seek in determining the value of its tuition reimbursement program. The paper discusses the value of employee retention and longevity, and describes the state of library science, which has failed to recruit enough students to work as librarians and faces a national shortage.

It falls on management to solve the issue of job satisfaction hiring and employee retention. A 7 page paper discussing salient points regarding employee development and retention using training as a tool. The paper discusses the reasons for pursuing employee development and retention and offers a training plan using an approach similar to that already in use by the 84th U. Army Reserve Readiness Training Command, and it shadows the approach of both online and on-ground universities, as well as corporate training programs.

LMS-centered applications are well developed and lend themselves well to employee development training within the U. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Employees who spend a moderate amount of time each week attending to personal matters while at work have a higher level of commitment to their employer than those who spend no time.

Traditionally, executives have used compensation strategies to solve retention problems, but in today's workplace high pay by itself is not enough to keep employees around. In addition, instant recognition programs, such as spot bonuses, are being used to reward excellence in performance as it occurs. Such programs give employees immediate gratification for their efforts rather than delaying it until annual reviews. Also, flexible work hours and telecommuting programs that allow employees to better balance their work commitments with their family duties are becoming more common.

According to Ceridian Employer Services , "90 percent of companies with more than 5, employees allow telecommuting Fortunately, the costs of these efforts are low in comparison to the high costs of turnover.

Turnover of employees can be involuntary or voluntary. When a company "lets go" of an employee who has been a bad performer, has violated company policy, or broken a law it is usually considered involuntary turnover.

More often we speak of turnover in the context of being voluntary, or the unplanned loss of employees who leave on their own accord, but that the company would prefer to keep. This type of turnover is undesirable. Regardless of type, turnover costs are staggering. The quantitative costs include: When the workforce was asked if they would be willing to share more context about themselves for better career advancement in their current companies, people agreed they would like to share more.

About one-third 31 percent of employees polled would be happy to share their goals, background talents and what motivates them to ensure more accurate workforce placement; but the right questions are not often being asked.

The misunderstanding of employee wants and HR needs, funnels down to a lack of staff insights and analytics:. Low importance for workforce analytics bears a strong correlation with the resulting low impact of risk assessment plans.

Lack of proper employee analytic tools can be blamed for low retention especially when employees are willing to share details that would prevent them from leaving.

HR leaders who have the proper tools and insight on what employees really want, can successfully combat rising employee migrations. More information on Saba and WorkplaceTrends. About Saba Saba delivers a cloud-based intelligent talent management solution used by leading organizations worldwide to hire, develop, engage and inspire their people.

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The purpose of this paper is to review the findings of research papers of various authors to derive the factors that impact employee commitment and retention in a work environment. This study.

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The paper elaborates on the retention factors such as training, skill recognition, career development, etc and helps in understanding the importance of effective communication and employee motivation for the cause of employee retention.

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Employee Retention Strategies – An Empirical Research literature and research work on employee retention and the factors affecting employee retention research paper is entitled on An Empirical Analysis of Employee Retention Strategies at Yacoo Pharma, which. literature and research work on employee retention and the factors affecting employee retention and job Table 1 below shows the various factors of employee retention and the associated research papers along with the contributing authors. Employee Retention: A Review of Literature.

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Free employee retention papers, essays, and research papers. Employee retention Research Paper Employee retention is very important to organizations. If employees can not be retained, the company will have to invest money for training new employees .