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It is the measurement of the number of times account receivable is turned over each year. It is computed by dividing net credit sales by average account receivable. Inventory turnover ratio is the measurement of the number of times inventory is turned over each year. The ratio is used to measure the intensity with which business assets arused to produce sales revenue. It is computed by dividing net sales by the average total assets.

Profitability ratios are the measurement of 1 the contribution of the elements of operations of profit or 2 the relationship of profit to total investment and investment by stockholders. It is the measurement of the proportion of each sales taka that is available to pay other expenses and provide profit for owners.

This ratio is computed by dividing gross margin by net sales. It is the measurement of the profitability of business operations in relation to its sales. It is compared by dividing operating income by net sales.

This ratio is the measurement of the proportion of each sales taka that is profit. The equation for computation the ratio is: Return on assets ratio is the measurement of the profit earned by a firm through the use of all its capital, or the total investment by both creditor and owners.

The equation for computation of this ratio is: This ratio is the measurement of the profit earned by a firm through the use of capital supplied by stockholders. The equation for computation is: Here the assets of 31 December, are 1.

Here 31 December, quick ratio is 1. In this situation we can say that the company has 1. It explaining the improvement in the cash flow liquidity ratio and stronger short-term solvency. In year the ratio is lower than previous years. Debt to ratio is decreasing year But it is increases in not good for the company. Because the higher degree of debt the greater is the degree of risk.

There have a chance bankruptcy. Times —interest — earned ratio has increase in the year but it decreases in So the company is now in a stable position. Well that is probably not ideal either since one part of having a good topic is finding one that interests you.

If your professor tells you what to write about, you could be stuck writing about a topic that puts you to sleep faster than watching paint dry.

Your topic should not only interest you but it should have enough information on it to complete your paper. If you choose a super narrow topic with only one or two sources, you may struggle to write a ten page paper on the topic. Also if you find a topic with millions of sources, it may be hard to narrow the main points to the three or so you need to write your paper. So choosing a topic that is specific but not too specific is important. If you find your topic is too broad, choose a sub topic.

One of the first places to look is in your textbook. You can start in the table of contents because it gives your broad topics. Another great place to look is in those colored sections that tell you stories about various corporations. Short-term finance is usually cheaper than long-term finance. This is largely due to the risks taken by creditors. There are some financial management techniques that we could apply in the chosen company Ryanair Holding PLC.

Ryanair operates 45 routes across 11 European countries. They have daily services from most of these routes. In , Ryanair had become the biggest passenger carrier on the Dublin-London route. But compare with other large airlines, Ryanair only operates European continental routes. It lacks the link with other continents. However, in addition to route availability, the actual flight schedule is also important to maximize the available flying time of the airlines most significant tangible asset, its aircraft.

Over the past ten years it has increased its annual traffic from under , to over 15 million passengers. Along the way it changed the face of air travel, broke hire fare cartels, rocked airport monopolies and made it possible for millions to travel.

Ryanair provide unique services with low price. If their seats are not booked, customers can seat wherever they like. However, their in-flight services are limited. For example, customers have to pay if they want any drinks or food. There are always some complains about seats overbooking from customers.

Ryanair has committed itself to safe operations and has put in place extensive safety training programs to ensure the recruitment of suitably qualified pilots and maintenance personnel. In addition, the company is also committed to the operation and maintenance of its aircraft in accordance with the highest European Aviation Industry Standards, which are closely monitored by the Irish Aviation Authority.

COM, which within three months of its launch was taking over 50, bookings per week, by offering unbelievably low airfares. The passenger acceptance of this website enabled Ryanair to reduce travel agent commission.

Ryanair is well positioned in European market to implement its low cost strategy. After the full EU air transport deregulation in , Ryanair was free to set up new routes to Continental Europe. Financial Situation The major revenues of Ryanair gain from the tickets that they sold during the year. That is the only different with the tangible stock value.

Once the tickets are sold, the company gets the revenues from the operation. They have amount of cash and debt. The company uses cash to pay the relevant cost, like staff wages, fuel and oil cost, marketing and distribution cost and so on. The rest of the revenues are kept in retained profit as the capital of company.

If the profit grows, the company share price will increase accordingly. Once the share price increased, the shareholders will enjoy the prior return on their investment, more and more investors will have more interest in the company. Therefore, the company achieves the source of finance. After that, they should consider about where they should invest to growth in the market and expand their company.

It includes net cash inflow from operating activities: This should thank for the contribution of the sales team. Ryanair insists to offer lower airfares in European countries and try to increase sales continuously. Increased revenue is one of the major sources of finance.

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