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Essay: To Kill a Mockingbird – Racism

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❶Widowed, she must raise her children, maintain her household and work to make a living for herself.

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Slavery has been abandoned long ago, but for years black people were considered to be of lower class, their capabilities were denied, and their dignity was completely diminished.

It took American people hundreds of years to achieve the level of true democracy, when they can grasp the notion of equality between people, including acceptance of differences in gender, nationality, religion, culture, and what most matters in the book we read — race. They each had their own territories, and assumed it was immoral for them to fuse together.

The whites and blacks knew very little of each other, and that fear of not knowing became worse by imagining how bad the other side must be. This was also one of the problems that prevented racism to disappear.

The problem of racism and segregation was presented through subtle descriptions of the suburban life of very young and innocent children. Their view of events and relationships in the book was a strong contrast to the negative characters of white racists who wanted to take justice in their hands and execute Tom Robinson.

Seeing events through the eyes of a child ex. Scout helps us understand that feeling of hatred and discrimination is not something we are born with, but is often taught by adults. In Maycomb, most people are influenced and taught by their parents and peers that there are certain people in society that do not fit in with other people.

Jem and Scout deeply argued the cruel idea. Her aunt is one of those people in Maycomb who is always injustice. Atticus Finch faced huge pressure only because he agreed to defend a black man, which proved that someone could lose their reputation for getting too close with the blacks. She would get out of her way to stop the unhuman behaviour, and to defend her innocent and brave father.

The whites had all rights to bring accusations against the blacks, and bring them to the court. The trial itself would not do them any favour as the decisions were often made despite clear evidence. Not only those who were black, but also those who affiliated with blacks, were considered inferior. Atticus, a lawyer, who defended blacks in court, was mocked.

An example of this is when Mrs. Dolphus Raymond was also criticized for affiliating with blacks, especially black females. Blacks, because they were considered inferior, were expected to do everything for whites. Everything had to be perfect, without excuse. Even when Calpurnia, a Finch family friend, did not make the perfect cup of coffee, she was mocked.

Widowed, she must raise her children, maintain her household and work to make a living for herself. Because she is black, a woman, and the wife of a man accused of raping a white woman, Helen has a very difficult time finding work. This is because of the racism in the white community of Maycomb.

The only person who will hire her is Mr. However, Helen does not escape the touch of racism. Although he does not attack her, Helen is terrified of him.

Link Deas makes Bob Ewell leave Helen alone, but she is still frightened of him. Her life has become very difficult due to the effects of racism. In a different way, Bob Ewell himself is destroyed by racism. In the struggle, Bob Ewell is killed. It was the grudge he held based on racist beliefs that cause his death. Some may call it justice, some may not, but the irony is undeniable. Of all the destructive powers humans possess, none ruin other lives and destroy our humanity quite like racism does.

Although less evident today than it once was, racism remains just as destructive and just as unnecessary. Sign in to write a comment. Order by Oldest Newest. This is very well written Thank you: Become a Premium Member. The assignment was to write and essay describing a person, place, or possession that is special to you and make your reader be able to visualize what you are describing. My Forest by Danille Lybhte. FoundingFathers by Elizabetta Lynn.

The weak me by Mer Monster Vodka by JohnnyVirginia What Freedom Means to Me. Find Your Voice by Samantha J.

Global Warming Mayhem by crazycait13x.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: An Investigation of Racism in America Words | 4 Pages Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is well renowned for giving accurate insight on racism in the southern United States in the early twentieth century, an issue that is still controversial in present day.

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Essay on Symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - Symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Harper Lee has used symbolism rather extensively throughout the novel and a great deal of it refers to the problems of racism in the South during the early twentieth century.

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To Kill a Mockingbird essayIn the novel To kill a Mockingbird there are a few main themes that run throughout it. The themes are; coming of age, racism and feminism. Each of theses has a special imporance in this book and I'm writing about all three in this the book there are many examples. The Theme of Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird Essay To Kill a Mockingbird and the discussion of race should present a teachable moment or moments in the classroom, resulting in a beneficial outcome for all involved and a better understanding of the issues of the past and the presence of those issues in the present.

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An in-class essay I wrote in grade 10 Kill a Mockingbird: Racism and Its Destruction of Humanity There are many destructive forces in this world that may destroy our humanity, beat d. Read the essay free on Booksie. Harper Lee uses her novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to accentuate the catastrophic nature of racism. Some troubling individuals or groups of people have felt powerful by exercising their dominance over another group claiming they are worthier, stronger, and smarter.